Jumat, Mei 01, 2009

Beth Gibbons creates more “human” music with Rustin Man

This is a song called “Mysteries” from Portishead’s vocalist Beth Gibbons solo album with Paul Webb’s (ex-Talk Talk) band called Rustin Man. So the title in this video should be “Mysteries by Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man”. The album itself called “Out Of Season”

Before I listen to this album, I had a feeling that it should be not far from Portishead-kind-of-music, which is gloomy, dark, electrified. At that time me & my friends called Portishead’s-kind-of-music (whatsocalled by Trip-hop) with “Suicidal music”. Well, it’s not true…I guess Paul Webb with Rustin Man succeed to pull Beth Gibbons from Portishead’s gloomy world by adding “human” element on their composition. What I called by human element is they build their music with more conservative instruments, such as electric/acoustic guitar, upright bass, they using lots of real drums instead of drum machine. Anyway they still using loops, sample and synth in their composition but not as much as Portishead does. And it makes their music much more acceptable yet relaxing.

Unlike when she’s with Portishead, with Rustin Man, Beth Gibbons sing her songs with spirit of surrender to ultimate power up there. Listen to this video and you will know what I mean.

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